Affordable Sustainable Workforce Housing Competition 2007

The AIA 150 Competitions

Meshing of Two Vernaculars

That which is New
That which is Familiar

The New:
Ideals of Sustainablity have been coming into the mainstream due to rising concerns over global warming but not everyone knows what they mean or what it is to be environmentally aware in order to protect our future

The Familiar:
The mullet, everyone knows what that is. It has been sported by the likes of David Bowie, MacGyver, and Billy Ray Cyrus. Some love it, some hate it but regardless it is part of our history and culture.

Single Family Homes:
These are arraigned to continue the existing neighborhood entering the site from the northwest corner of the lot with the road ending in a new Greenbelt to provide backyard type space for the new Habitat community.

A familiar residential typology along the eastern seaboard. These were added to the plan to increase density to the site while still providing a lot of the amenities desired in owning a house.

Provides open space for the Habitat community to use as well as allowing a larger outside area for the daycare center. Greenbelt was planned due to affordable small lot sizes.

Daycare Cnt:
Center is an important part of the community and will remain with the parking lot being moved to create a vehicle safe area behind the center for the children while also building a carpool drop off in the front to make pick up and drop off easier.

Showcase Bld:
The existing building will initially be a place where people in the community can come and learn about sustainable practices and the improvements being made to the site in their town since there will be much curiosity. It will also house major sustainable systems such as hydrogen tanks and generators, and gray water monitoring equipment.